Dedicated Female Units

At St Martha’s we have three specific facilities that provide care for up to 42 female patients with care in our locked service. We provide appropriate therapeutic environments where optimum multi-disciplinary health care can be delivered depending on each individual patient’s clinical needs. Our physical and mental health care pathway is aimed at improving the quality of life – predominantly for patients where mainstream care no longer meets the patients needs.

Multidisciplinary teams plan the most appropriate care pathway together with locality care coordinators.


Assessment and intensive support

Rose is a 19 bedded locked unit for women which is situated on the ground floor, Rose Unit provides a service to women who have been unable to make significant health gains in other mental health care settings or are stepping down from a low secure environment as part of their planned care pathway. With the benefit of the intensive level of support available on Rose Unit, patients become more settled and make progress with their individualised care plans which are geared towards achieving an optimum level of independence. Rose is the admission and assessment unit for women.


Complex care, promoting independence

Daffodil Unit is an 18 bedded locked unit for women and is situated on the first floor, Daffodil unit provides an environment for women who have completed a period of assessment of their care needs on Rose Unit and may continue to progress towards further independence yet still require the safety of a locked environment.


Bespoke care with supported independence

Iris Unit is our 5 bedded locked unit for men/women and is situated on the first floor, this specialist small unit provides opportunity for more individualised care or more independent living. All bedrooms have en-suite bathroom.




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